Ceremonial Start - 0 km


Leuven Town Square will provide a splendid backdrop to the start of the Brabant Arrow. From the the riders’ village, located on the Ladeuzeplein, the riders will meet at 12.30 p.m. to compete for the last in the season of Flanders Classics © Photonews

Official start - 0 km


After a short loop around the streets of Leuven, the riders will pass once more under the starting arch in the Town Square: this will also be the official start of the race. ©Kramon

Collect Zone - 43,5 km


In Gavere, riders experiencing difficulties can ask for mechanical assistance. © Kramon

Rue de Hal - 57,1 km


After 57 kilometres, the riders will attack the first ascent: Rue de Hal à Braine-le-Château is 1.2 km long and features an average incline of 4.9 % © Kramon

Alsemberg - 68,4 km


The first real test for the riders comes at Beersel. The Alsemberg is 1200 m long and has an average incline of 4 %, with its steepest section featuring an incline of 10 % © Kramon

Bruineput - 74,0 km


The Bruineput: for the riders, this 800 m long stretch is synonymous with difficulty. Average incline 8% with a peak at 14% © Kramon

Krabosstraat - 76,6 km


7 Krabosstraat The next ascent on the agenda is the Krabbosstraat in Beersel: 1.2 km long with an average incline of 5.3 % © Google Maps

Rue de Nivelles - 85,2 km


In Braine-le-Château, riders must ascend the Rue de Nivelles. A kilometre and a half long, it has an average incline of 4.3 % with its steepest section featuring an incline of 7%. © Google Maps

Chaussée de Bruxelles - 95,6 km


After 95.6 km comes the Chaussée de Bruxelles in Nivelles, an ascent with an average incline of 3 %. © Photonews

Rue François Dubois - 112,5 km


After 112.5 km comes the La Hulpe/Terhulpen, a disguised climb on the Rue François Dubois: it’s just 500 m long, but features a steeper leg with an incline of 10 % © Google Maps

Feed zone - 115,8 km


The first feed zone will be a welcome break for the riders. They will be given a can of Coke and some energy gel after 115.8 km in Overijse. © Photonews

Hertstraat - 118,3 km


This is where the final stretch really begins, with the riders beginning their final circuits of the local area. The programme starts with the Herstraat, which features an average incline of 4.5 % and a maximum incline of 8 %. © TDW Sport

Holstheide - 124,9 km


Close on its heels comes the Holstheide ascent, that the riders must also overcome four times: 955 m long, with an average incline of 5.4 % and a maximum incline of 12 %. © Arne Casier

Ijskelderlaan - 130,9 km


The famous Ijskelderlaan in Overijse has been known since time immemorial for its role in the Brabant Arrow. Just 450 m long, but with an average incline of 7 % and a peak at 11 %, it puts bodies through a strenuous test. © Google Maps.

Schavei - 135,0 km


The cherry on the cake of this Brabant Arrow must also be scaled four times. ‘t Schavei is 700 m long, with an average incline of 6.2 % and a maximum incline of 12 %. © Kramon

Passage Arrival - 135,2 km


The riders will cross the finish line for the first time after 135.2 km. © Photonews

Hagaard - 137,9 km


The riders will climb the Hagaard three times in the final stages of the Brabant Arrow. 300 m of hard labour awaits them on this difficult stage with an average incline of 10 % and a peak at 16 %. © Kramon

Feed zone - 139,2 km


The riders will have a second opportunity to recharge their batteries and will have their saddlebag returned to them in Overijse after 139.2 km. ©Photonews

Hertstraat - 141,7 km


The riders will pass the Hertstraat for the second time after 141.7 km. © TDW Sport

Holstheide - 154,3 km


The riders will also ascend the Holstheide for a second time. This is a 955 m ascent, 57.1 km from the finish line. © Arne Casier

Ijskelderlaan - 154,3 km


The fans will be cheering on the riders for a second time in the Ijskelderlaan. 450 m further on, they will take off again for the next ascent. © Google Maps

Schavei - 158,3 km


’t Schavei must be overcome for the second time. Another 47 km on the counter © Kramon

Passage Arrival- 158,5 km


Fans at the finish line will feel the tension rise, as the riders cross the finish line for the second time. © Photonews

Hagaard - 161,3 km


The second ascent of the Hagaard will be tough on the legs. Riders will gradually start to break away from the pack, with 44 km of the race left. © Kramon

Feed zone - 162,6 km


To get ready for the final stretch, a bit of extra energy is always welcome. © Photonews

Hertstraat - 165,0 km


The riders come up against the Hertstraat for the penultimate time. © TDW Sport

Holstheide - 171,6 km


The Holstheide comes hot on the heels of the Hertstraat. By this stage, the riders will have 171.6 km in their legs. © Arne Casier

Ijskelderlaan - 177,7 km


The riders must overcome the Ijskelderlaan for the third time. With an average incline of 7 %, it’s not an easy task this late in the race © Google Maps

Schavei - 181,7 km


Before crossing the finish line again, riders must scale ’t Schavei for the second-last time. Just 23.6 km to the finish line. © Kamon

Passage arrival


The bell tolls as the riders begin their final local tour. Just five more ascents and we’ll know the identity of the successor to Petr Vakoc. © Photonews

Collect Zone - 182,2 km


In Gavere, riders in difficulty can ask for mechanical assistance. (see photo Omloop – © Kramon)

Hagaard - 184,6 km


The Hagaard for the last time. This short but strenuous ascent might just be the ideal time to attack. © Kramon

Hertstraat - 188,4 km


Just 17 more km stand between the riders and the finish line. The Hertstraat must be overcome one last time. © TDW Sport

Holstheide - 195,0 km


Riders must also scale the Holstheide one last time, with an average incline of 5.4 %. The favourites will tuck themselves in at the front of the peloton with one eye on the finish line. © Arne Casier

Ijskelderlaan - 201,0 km


Tension mounts with the riders now just 4.3 km from the finish line. © Google Maps

Schavei - 205,1 km


The final section of the day often proves decisive. One last time, the riders at the front have to give everything they’ve got with one goal in mind: to win. © Kramon

Aankomst - 205,3 km


After 205.3 km of pain, we will know the identity of the successor to Petr Vakoc. Who can write their name in the history of the Brabant Arrow?